About Me

About Karen Emeny

With her catchy hooks and honest lyricism, Karen Emeny’s sound is one unconstrained by genre — and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a lover of music for as long as she can remember, and after penning her first song at just 12-years-old, it’s no surprise the artist has learned to draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere — making her both a unique and diverse talent. Since releasing her debut EP Finding the Words in 2009, Karen has continued to make a name for herself in Canada and the U.S., connecting with listeners through both her passionate singing and songwriting styles.

“When I listen to my music, I don’t hear just one thing. It’s more a mix of folk, pop and country, with some elements of ‘90s alternative,” she said. “I feel like in order to grow as a musician, there are many influences in my music that cross genres and picking just one really pigeon-holes you. So, while I never know how to place it, I just know it’s me.”

Over the past couple years, Karen has found herself sharing the stage with a slew of big names, opening for Chase Rice and Dan Davidson at London Music Hall, and hitting the side track stage at Trackside Music Festival in support of country heavyweights Thomas Rhett and Dallas Smith. In addition, Karen has continued to entertain crowds at several events across the province, including both the Kitchener-Waterloo and London Food & Wine Festivals, as well as the prestigious VIP Lounge at Budweiser Gardens.

When it comes to songwriting, Karen maintains she’s often influenced by not only different experiences in her own life, but in the lives of friends and family as well, while other times lines just appear to come out of nowhere, sparking inspiration. “Sometimes it’s just a feeling you need to get out on paper. Words are just so powerful, and it’s interesting to see what touches each individual person,” she said. “I feel like I’ve always been a storyteller. It’s a great way to get your feelings and stresses out, but at the same time when you get that perfect line and you just know it’s the one — you just hope people love it as much as you do.”

Written By: Whitney South